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Noticed some warning signs?

Signs that gambling is becoming a problem can be subtle. We are here to offer guidance and support, with manaaki and alofa - and help minimise gambling harm within our communities.

Safer Gambling Aotearoa

What are warning signs?

Nan, ever wise and loving, is a kaitiaki here to teach us about the warning signs. Nan knows.

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Nan’s Song

Nan connects her moko to their tūpuna, and shows how they watch over them, together.

Nan at a table looking into camera

Friends and whānau first.

Knowing the signs. With Nan.

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Staying true to your values.

Knowing the signs. With Nan.

Nan smiling at table

Friends help friends.

Knowing the signs. With Nan.

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Spending more than your limit.

Knowing the signs. With Nan.

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When borrowing is not ok.

Knowing the signs. With Nan.

Know your odds

You might be hoping that a big win could make a difference for you and your family but your chances of winning while gambling are a lot lower than you might think. Knowing your odds of winning can really put your chances into perspective.

Help and support

There’s absolutely no shame in asking for help. In fact, it shows strength and determination to take control.

Two young people standing outside a gambling support service location

Face to face

Kānohi ki te kānohi/face to face gambling support is available for those who find it helpful to talk about gambling with someone outside their situation. Learn more about what to expect.

It can often be a huge relief to chat to someone who’s outside of your situation, and doing it face to face is a great way to get more personal support.

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A man and woman attending a gambling support session

Services near you

Free and confidential support is available throughout the country. View the list or use our interactive map to find your local gambling support service.

Wherever you are in the country, free and confidential support for your gambling is never far away. Getting some help is just a text, phone call, or Zoom away...

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Test your gambling

Find out if your gambling or the gambling of someone you care about is sweet as or if it is starting to become a problem.

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Real life stories

Gambling harm can affect people, whānau and communities in many ways. Watch stories from those who have lived with, or worked alongside people experiencing gambling harm.

What may start off as a bit of fun can easily get out of hand for many gamblers. Here are some stories from people who have lived or worked with gambling harm. Check them out.

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PMGH Sector Support

Te Hiringa Hauora is proud to announce the new brand, Safer Gambling Aotearoa. Read on to see how you can help support this important kaupapa.

July 2022 marked the launch of the new Minimising Gambling Harm (MGH) campaign, Nan’s Song, a Māori and Pasifika lead approach to protect our communities from gambling harm. Working alongside our audience and MGH providers over the last year, together we’ve been on the journey of developing and refining this campaign.

Read on to see how you can help support this important kaupapa.

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