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Test your gambling

Find out if your gambling or the gambling of someone you care about is sweet as or if it is starting to become a problem.

Safer Gambling Aotearoa

Test your gambling

Gambling Check – Is your gambling ok

This is an opportunity to understand your gambling behaviour and how it can change over time. It will only take 2 minutes to complete. Your responses will put you in one of four categories in relation to the level of gambling harm you may be experiencing. They are: no identified harm, low-risk gambler, moderate-risk gambler and high-risk gambler. You'll need to answer all of the questions in order to calculate your results.

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Know the signs

There are signs to look out for when gambling is no longer just for fun. Being aware of harmful gambling signs can keep you and others safe.

It’s important to recognise when your gambling is no longer just for fun.

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Know your odds

You might be hoping that a big win could make a difference for you and your family but your chances of winning while gambling are a lot lower than you might think. Knowing your odds of winning can really put your chances into perspective.

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