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Real life stories

What may start off as a bit of fun can easily get out of hand for many gamblers. Here are some stories from people who have lived or worked with gambling harm. Check them out.

Safer Gambling Aotearoa
Gabriel standing in the park talking about his gambling experience

Gabriel's story

Gabriel describes how gambling became an escape for other things in his life.

Katoni's gambling experience

Katoni's story

Katoni explains how some people can reduce harmful gambling without having to stop gambling.

Moana's gambling experience

Moana's story

Moana shares her personal journey of living with a gambler.

Nicole sharing her family gambling experience

Nicole's Story

Nicole speaks about growing up in a family with her Dad gambling

Rina talking about her husband's gambling

Rina's story

Rina explains how she became suspicious about her husband’s behaviour and discovered he was gambling.

Ruth talking about her family gambling story

Ruth's story

Ruth talks about gambling in her whānau.

Shirley talking about gambling

Shirley's story

Shirley explains the help that Budgeting Services can provide.

Colin talking about his gambling problem

Colin's story

Colin talks about his own gambling, the changes he made, and offers support to others.

Hoani sharing his gambling story

Hoani's story

Hoani talks about how his gambling led him to steal from his wife’s workplace.

Maria talking about the gambling helpline

Maria's story

Maria talks about what the free Gambling Helpline has to offer.

Naomi talking about gambling support services available in NZ

Naomi's story

Naomi speaks about the range of people that visit support services.

Posese talking about his gambling story

Posese's story

Posese looks back on his gambling journey and the impact that had on his family.

Robyn explaining her gambling story

Robyn's story

Robyn explains how her happy life was turned upside down.

Sarah telling her gambling story

Sarah's story

Sarah explains how it feels to come out the other side of gambling.

Simon explaining his gambling story

Simon's story

Simon describes the harm caused by gambling and the changes he needed to make.

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Help and support

There’s absolutely no shame in asking for help. In fact, it shows strength and determination to take control.

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Know the signs

There are signs to look out for when gambling is no longer just for fun. Being aware of harmful gambling signs can keep you and others safe.

It’s important to recognise when your gambling is no longer just for fun.

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